Emanuele Andreani

Serendipità, 2019-2020

This is an unpublished project premiered on C41 Magazine.
“Serendipità” is the unexpected joy that comes from finding something without looking for it.
New discoveries by chance, or find one thing while you are looking for another and this causes us happiness. Serendipità is also finding a book by chance while you are looking for another one and falling in love with it, or getting lost in an unknown city and discovering some hidden wonders. The happiness that comes to us from small random surprises in which, if you keep your sensitivity active and stimulated, you can come across every day even if the modern era leds us to be less adventurous and more predictable. It all depends on how and how thoroughly you observe the reality around you. All these photographs were taken by chance, the luck of being in the right place at the right time; I only had to point the camera towards the horizon and the rest was given to me by mother nature.

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