Emanuele Andreani


Born in Pesaro, Italy in 1994

Hes currently in Australia

His ambition is to become a documentary photographer, who tells stories, analyzes social and environmental issues.

Photograph is his passion before being his job and he want give his personal vision to his projects.

I always have my little camera with me.

He graduated as advertising graphic designer in Pesaro, where he started to get interested in photography going around the city and making photograph with a compact camera. From that moment his passion for photography has become stronger and stronger, leading him to move to Milan, where he completed his professional training at the Mohole Academy of Photography in 2018.

After the project about the vaccines situation in Italy made for the photojournalism course he decided to deeply analyze something he really cares about: Climate Change and Plastic Pollution. He started his journey taking part in two of the four global strike for future demonstrations and his long term project consists in traveling around the world to document the extremely serious consequences of human behavior.

hes always thought that places have a soul that you can see through architectures, human beings and natural landscape. This is exactly what hes trying to tell with his photography, through the lens of the camera. He walk around the cities looking for the magic in simple things, getting lost in places. This is how he find the stories: walking, observing, talking with people and shooting. He mostly look for Minimalism: this is how things find a space to make their voices heard. When he take pictures of people, he like to establish a connection, talking with the subject, making him or her feel comfortable to obtain that unique expression that describes them.
He think that photography has to be eloquent, both when it is alone and inside a project.

In all these years he has always kept a guide line but the various experience he lived and hes living changed deeply himself and consequently his vision of the world.
He always seen photography as art and the beauty of art is its evolution, its way of growing and expanding. For this reason he developed and hes still developing his line of reasoning. The experiences are part of his knowledge and they lead him to constant changes in the way of being, in the ways of doing and in the ways of interpreting photography.
All the experiences are foundation for the past and the future.

When im walking around places for take photos or when im working on a project I simply pose myself some question:

Why I take photos?

This photo mean something for me?

What does photography ad to my life?

do I recognize myself in the photos I take?

Its extremely important for me to be able to answer these questions every time.

Because I understand that im on the right way.




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